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I really hate to sell this, but I need the money to bring my Celica, and Turbo Dakota projects off the back burner so:

For Sale to a good home-
1984 Turbo Z
upgraded to 87 Shelby Z Suspension, Electronics, TII, A555 Highly coveted SHELBY valve cover :)

Engine: rebuilt '87 TII, .030 over used cast crank because it was lighter, heve the steel crank, it comes with the car. rebuilt T3 turbo, +40injectors, 3bar map, walbro 255 fuel pump, socketed ECU with custom cal. T2/3 Clutch All with aprox 15K on it.
Car is dead reliable, I drive it almost everyday, tuning seems solid, fires right up drives smooth, pulls great.
Exhaust still needs upgrading so I have the boost set at 18psi, but everything else is there to go as high as the turbo will go.

The Bads:
I want to give an accurate account of this car, I think its great but it is a 24 year old car so heres the nit pick list for me, others could prob find lots more.

D/S door hinges are draggy
Car was repainted before I got it, and the paint job isn't the best. Looks good, not great (In my opinion, your milage may vary)

Odometer inop.
Power steering pump leaks, have kit (and several spare pumps) to lazy to fix it
A/C evap. leaks, have brand new Evap in the box, also have been too lazy to fix, but its getting warmer here, so that may change soon.

Many hours of work, Many Dollars Spent. Asking $3000


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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