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I am putting up my 2003 srt-4 for sale. This car has been great, and although I hate to sell it, I am building another srt-4 and don't need 2.

Car has 60,000 miles, and the shortblock and turbo were replaced 7,000 miles ago, when I sucked up some water during a huge thunderstorm and bent a rod.
So although the car has 60K, the new mopar shortblock and new mopar turbo have 7K. Car is yellow with viper seats. Very good condition, not beat on, owned by a mild mannered mother of three. I am the original owner. The car has a few mods:
Koni Adjustable Strut inserts
Eibach prokit lowering springs
Hotchkiss swaybars front and rear
full polybushing kit installed
Crossdrilled and slotted rotors
Hawk pads
Stainless Steel brake lines
Mopar shortthrow shifter
Oil pressure and A/F gauges mounted on a-pillar
Urethane filled motor mounts
Stage 1 pcm
Magnecor wires
walbro 255 fuel pump with new filter/regulator
K&N cold air intake
stinger battery
catch can
Aftermarket 17x7 wheels with Potenza pole position tires, LOTS of thread left
Block off plate and TurboXS BOV installed
Powdercoated intake and valve cover
3" O2 housing
AGP 3" dowpipe with hi flow cat
3" cat back exhaust

asking $12,500 or best offer
Car is located at
299 Riley Fuzzell Rd
spring, Tx 77373
You can stop by and see it, or call me at 281-642-3878


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Surely, some TD guy would like this nice, clean, dependable turbododge.......come on, you can fly into Houston and drive it home!
Bump to the top!
Very Nice! I would definitely be interested if I could find a road to drive it home on.I have tried MapQuest and Yahoo maps with no luck so far:D

Tell us more about the other SRT-4 Project car you are working on Cindy. What year is it and what have you done to it so far?

Another bump for a nice car......


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Link on my home page to cars for sale? I didn't know I even had a link LOL, maybe that's why it doesn't work. If you need any info on the cars I have for sale, best to just email me at [email protected]

Pictures of RT sent. I will update pictures of the srt tonight, I forgot my camera at home :(

The srt-4 is a sweet car, and has been super dependable, I just hope it goes to a good home.

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more pictures. These are the flaws. there are a couple of spots where some cardboard rubbed up againest the car inside our trailer on the 1500 mile trip to carlise in 04. I never touched them up, but they are smooth and very small. The other is the one ding about the size of a bb. And the little bit of scraping on front airdam from curbs, parking blocks low driveways etc....
Then there is a couple interior shots. Overall the car is an 8.5 of 10 or maybe better when cleaned up LOL


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