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I am one of the old timers here and I have heard people saying there are new posting rules, but I'll wait till one of our attentive board admin say something about fixing this posting. I haven't sold on here before either, only on ebay. So I don't know where to star these prices.
Items are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
They are parts off an (99%) sure, '89 Daytona TII
I actually don't know much about the car cause it is my brothers, he wants me to sell some of these parts for him since he is doing a V8 street legal conversion.
Heres the parts he has, I'm going to just shoot off some prices since there has to be some beside each item. I'm going to try to shoot prices as close as I think they should be, if you want make an offer. Shipping is not included. (If anyone were kind enough to send me a PM if I should adjust the prices, then that'd be great!)
Radiator, fan, and intercooler (Prefer to keep them as a pair) lower lines included, if I find the others tomorrow when I gather everything up I'll throw them in too. No rot, they're in pretty close to perfect condition $175
TII airbox and lines $20
1piece TII intake $35
Turbo buldge hood $45 (pickup only)

I'll check and see what else he has. I'm keeping the engine from the car and I think he may actually have 2-3 turbos sitting around also.
I'll also try to get pictures posted ASAP, but for now I intended on this being a "work in progress" posting w/ probably having to change the format, possibly prices, and adding photos.
Thanks guys!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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