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FS or FS + cash 1991 A568 w/ ~58k

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Potentually for sale A568 transmission from my 91 Lebaron GTC.

This was a high torque 2.5l T1 car, 1991 so the 568 has the larger input shaft.
Case has been drilled and tapped for a 1/2" NPT oil drainplug. I had planned on installing a brass 1/2" NPT plug, and then tapping and threading the plug to fit a standard M12 thread oil drain plug like an engine oil pan. Car was totalled before I finished so currently there is just a standard brass 1/2" NPT plug installed. If purchaser wants I can finish the planned drainplug setup. Trans has ~58k original miles and shifts beautifully. (had a Mopar short-throw in the car)

Trans is located in Cinnaminson, NJ 08077. I could also deliver to the Elkton, MD area, or potentually the Buffalo/WNY area. Asking $600 or best offer. Would also consider trade for 1991 A523 (3.5 final drive, larger 91+ input shaft) plus cash. I have a couple extra A568/523 shifters so can include one with the transmission if desired, don't think I can supply cables however.

Email or pm me if interested.
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i have a 90 small spline 523 3.50 ratio with 70k on it.
sorry, would need a 3.5 final drive 523

Sorry but I'd be looking for a 3.5 final drive A523.
ummmmmmm thats what i just posted. i have a 3.5 final drive small spline 523
He meant to post that he needs a large spline (91+ input shaft) as he wrote in the original post.
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