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FS: Turbododge and racing vids CDs

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Trying to make a little extra dough so I have a compilation of Turbo Dodge, misc racing, and car related videos on cd. I haven't really looked, but it might take two discs......I have some good stuff. (I have over 750 megs worth and one discs holds 700, so I will make sure the second disc is filled with good stuff! You won't be disappointed!!)
Among them are the twin turbo Grand National dyno video, numerous Supra videos, Turbo Mini videos, and 2 Shelby Dodge TV promos....one is the can-am with the Shelby 3.0's.
I also have a folder of Neo Classic 2003 with the famous Bikini Contest. :thumb:

I want $10 shipped for a cd or set if they reqire 2 discs......they will be sent in jewel cases. PM me!

If this steps on anyone's toes, please let me know!
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i got that twin turbo Grand National, that thing is awesome, if he got traction im sure it would be more lol

Bump for some cool vids

I also have a lot of other videos in another file with diesel stuff, the turbo Silverado, fully auto shotgun, turbo Viper and some other misc stuff......that will be used to fill the other CD.
hell i am interested sounds cool when will they be ready
440dart said:
hell i am interested sounds cool when will they be ready
They're ready as soon as I get your money! All I have to do is burn them to a couple discs. That will probably take 15 minutes or so, then I put 'em in cases and pop 'em in the mail!
Shoot me a PM and I'll send you back my address....
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