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fuel injector wire harness

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hey guys i havent been on for about a half a year now and i havent been around my car for that long either i need a injector wire harness for my 91 shadow i was looking a while back and never came across one
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I moved your Thread to the parts wanted section so you will get much more responses
No Problem:thumb:
is the harness the same in all the 2.5 t1 cars?
90+ I believe moved to a different underhood plug style, more akin to the gm weathertite plugs with rubber inserts/seals

There is a 91 dayona at the yard I could grab the harness from....
turismolover22 once you turned me onto a guy on this website that made harnesses. Could you pass his screen name onto turbodan91
16vGLHS makes aftermarket harnesses, overlay harnesses, and IIRC, replicaets sub-harnesses, like the injector harnesses.
I'm still waiting to hear back from 16vGLHS on the harness for my 87 GLHS. I've never gotten a reply to my PM.


If you contact him, let him know I'm still looking for a harness!

i have one from a 90 2.5 lebaron if that will work.
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