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Fuel troubles... I think

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Hey all,
Ok so off and on for the past month or so I have noticed my a/f gauge sticking at a safe level, but not cycling like it usually does, if I accelerate so I have about 0vac - 5 psi it cycles normal. It also behaves normally at higher boost levels and at wot. I also have noticed some days I just dont make the same power.

No codes cept 12, and rad fan relay (passive override switch)

Could it have something to do with the warm 17c-20c weather lately? Maybe I need to lower my fuel press a bit?

89 daytona with 88 turbo-1 motor & ecu, stock IC, T2 injectors, 15 psi, afpr, 2.5 mandrel exhaust, hi-flo cat & cherry bomb, modded a-413, k&n drop-in, teflon knock sensor.
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Sounds like you're running rich in vaccum to me.
What might cause that? A vac leak in my afpr vac line?
A vacuum leak there or in the MAP line could do it.
minimopar said:
A vacuum leak there or in the MAP line could do it.

Wouldn't a leak throw a code as far as the BARO goes???? What is your FP at?? I know in my 3rd turbo mini, the A/F gauge acted really strangly, Checked the FP it was at 40psi, and it stayed that way all the way up to 12psi of boost. It had a TBI fuel pump in it... Maybe your 02 sensor is just getting old and lazy!!
mopar o2 sensor replaced a year ago, I'll check my vac lines thats probably where the problem is. I just seems to happen on warmer days though.
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