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I just made and installed a g valve.I can't keep the boost down it will run low at about 6 then when it gets to like 4500 RPM. It jumps to 12 or 13 then jumps to 15 and shuts down from overboost. Do i have a blockage or whats the prob? Also when i take it off its running lower like 5 all the time and the boost gauge is kinda moveing alittle instead of holding steady what could that be? I just changed all vac lines shoul it run that low never had boost gauge till now the turbo feels find boost wise with g valve just can't tune it down it's boosting too much open can't raise at all it needs to lower but when i take g valve off and put it back stock it isn't boost to good good but real low like waste gate is opening to soon
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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