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Gasket matching 782 Swirl head on the exhaust side?

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Is it worth gasket matching the head on the exhaust ports? I already ported and matched the exhaust manifold so I'd assume I might as well do this but the ports get tiny 1" inside the head anyhow.

I'm not in the huge gains crowd, but a quicker spool up never hurt anyone.

Is it worth it?

Was planning on getting a 2.5" swing valve and down pipe. But due to $ constraints for now might just stick with the 2.25" swingvalve and exhaust. Other than open the exhaust up to a true 2.5 where it necks down over the rear axle, into a new muffler.

Thanks for any insight.
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Even with a ported head l usually port exhaust mani 1/16” larger all around. So as long as the head ports are all Clear going into mani your good
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