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I just posted yesterday about my experience with a GLHS swap. Most important if you swap the trans with the motor in the car you need to use an engine hoist to lift the tranny. You really have to rotate it to clear the frame. I also used the chrysler tool to support the motor with the tranny out. You need to remove the radiator and lower the flywheel end of the motor so that you can get a straight shot into the clutch disc.
Don't use the ARP flywheel bolts as the heads will contact the clutch disc.
Use the Omni Potent shift rod brackets and the heim joint rod ends to turn your factory shifter into a race shifter.
I used the heavy duty un-equal length axles from Forward Motion. Mike at Forward Motion recomended not using the intermediate shaft and told me I wouldn't notice any more torque steer. I was skeptical but he was right.The car drives straight under hard accelleration.
The tranny and shifter upgrade is the best upgrade we've done to the car.
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