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GLH Omni Wheel Transition

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Hey Guys, I have a awesome set of 5/114 (5 Lug-16'') wheels I want to throw onto my 1985 GLH Turbo Omni. I was wondering if they would fit under the car and if not what I could do to get them to fit there. Would I have to buy spacers? Or could they just fit right on there? Also could someone please tell me the stock size of the wheel so I can tell how much of a difference there is? Any Information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi and welcome to TD :)

stock size is 5x100 bolt spacing,
and a 15x6 wheel with 38mm backspace...

AFAIK there are no spacer/converters to make the transition to 5x114.
Thanks for the information :) Im going to keep looking at what is possible yet. Thanks Again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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