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Gold Dust GLHT Build

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What's up Fellas!

So ive decided to jump back into TDs. I want to make some quality youtube content and really show the world what we are all about.

Now introducing... My new 1985 Omni GLHT! Gold dust with a red interior swap. Mostly stock. 109k miles. Little rust. Shitty paint. And a lot of charm. Hasnt run in 4+ years, but thatll be solved soon.




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I cannot believe I have missed this thread. Man I love all the details and photos you are providing to this community! Sadly the only engine I ever built was a Ford DOHC 4.6 so this thread is full of great information and tips!

Great job on the build, and I can't wait to hear Gold Dust rocking its new heartbeat!
Mark I love watching you make and tweak things in this build. I wish I had the tools and better yet the skills to do what you do.

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I agree 100%! Regular FWD TD Mguiver right here.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of stopping in and meeting Mark, his buddy Chris (both cool dudes), and Gold Dust (great project car). It was great to just sit and talk TD cars for like 5+ hours while draining a few beers. Unfortunately I feel we killed a perfectly good day of wrenching on cars, but good to sit and chat with a fellow TD lover!

I look forward to seeing the Gold Dust build as it goes forward and hopefully be able to get a couple photos of his TD and mine together out in the wild.
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Just cleaned it up on the buffing wheel.
Painted the tube and Installed!

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Looks awesome and I need to do that to my dipstick as well as oil distribution block while my engine is at the machinist. I will follow it up with something called Shark Hide to prevent corrosion and dulling.
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