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good news car runnin again

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finally got car back on the road.. pics of clutch..


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Very nice! My cylinder heads should be coming in this week, but I'm not going to start any work on her 'til I get back to school from winter break.
sounds sweet!! I hope everything goes smooth.. I finally got around to talking to a owner of a 1986 shelby charger that lives around the corner from me she just pulled car out of storage from 10 years or so and got it runnin again..the sc only has 60000 mi on it it is beautiful.. paint is starting to oxidize now but all in all extreemly great shape..I had to put conversation short as she was on her way to work but, next time I speak to her I will see if she would be interested in joining TD.com so we can expand our local td family :)
I would love to see that charger, but yes the CO TD family needs to expand, I know Scott lives up here and I believe he has a turbo caravan and a shelby charger iirc.
nice!! I am still trying to get a 90 C/S vnt daytona. but not sure if it will happen now due to finances and owners still thinking on it..I spotted a 90-91daytona w/v6 near my inlaw still no go on saying hi no one is ever home it seems. but hey I do try..
I still drive mine every day....for now, looking for intercooler to start.
dannon_w check into Intercooler Pipe Fabrication - Silicone Intake Systems Auto Parts they are local too you down in fountain..they carry all kinds of things decent prices as well..if not the pick and pull south springs had a couple t2 cars there as well..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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