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Okay so I wrote down everything I did when removing my 1990 Daytona ES 2.5 Turbo I head, with turbo and manifolds attached. I also wrote down what tools I used for the steps that required tools. So to any other newbies out there this should help you.


move car to location where coolant can drain
disconnect lower radiator hose from water pump
remove radiator cap
let coolant drain (dont need every drop out)
disconnect heater hose tube from bottom of water box and cap (crowsfoot 3/8" with long 3/8" extension and 3/8" wrench)
disconnect upper radiator hose from thermostat housing and cap (medium flathead)

remove dipstick retaining nut and swing dipstick bracket off the stud (3/8" wrench, 1/2" socket, 3/8" short extension)

loosen bypass valve hose to airbox clamp (medium flathead)
disconnect bypass hose from airbox (use long thick flathead to push on hose from above)
remove nut from airbox mount stud (1/2" RATCHET WRENCH)
disconnect fresh air hose from airbox
loosen airbox to turbo input (oval) clamp (extra long skinny flathead, behind intake manifold elbow)
disconnect all remaining hoses from airbox
remove airbox
disconnect ground strap from head near airbox (15mm deep 3/8" socket and 3/8" ratchet)
unplug spark plug wires from plugs and center wire from distributor
disconnect coolant sensor on waterbox
disconnect coolant sensor near #1 cylinder
disconnect fuel rail wire harness
disconnect 2 vacuum lines from top of throttle body
disconnect O2 sensor wire harness
disconnect brake vacuum line from intake manifold (large channel lock pliers)
disconnect AIS and TPS connectors
disconnect wastegate solenoid vacuum line from y connector which also connects to wastegate
disconnect multi-way vacuum manifold from fuel pressure regulator and main intake manifold vacuum port
disconnect throttle and speed control cables from throttle body (large channel lock pliers)
disconnect turbo oil feed line from block oil manifold and cap tube (1/2" wrench)
remove upper 2 ac compressor bracket bolts (15mm ratcheting wrench)
remove bolt from gnd strap and o2 sensor harness bracket from rear of intake manifold (1/2" ratcheting wrench)

jack passenger front side of car up high
from under the car, remove two bolts holding exhaust downpipe to swingvalve (3/8" impact wrench w/ 1/2" socket or 1/2" ratcheting wrench)
remove 2 bolts from turbo to block oil drain tube and break flange away from turbo if needed (1/4" socket wrench, 10mm socket, medium extension)
loosen clamp on turbo drain tube (w/flange) and pull turbo drain tube from hose (small flathead)
loosen turbo coolant line bracket to block bolt so that tube can be wiggled (15mm socket, 3/8" socket wrench, short 3/8" extension)
disconnect turbo coolant line from turbo and cap (5/8" wrench) (COOLANT WILL FLOW OUT OF TUBE, keep tube end high)
remove turbo to block bolt (on turbo side) (15mm ratcheting wrench)

rotate engine to TDC (15mm socket, 1/2" socket wrench, 1/2" extension, flashlight, use flywheel marks)
verify camshaft sprocket timing is correct
detension timing belt and remove from camshaft sprocket (loosen tensioner nut with 15mm ratcheting wrench from above)

remove vacuum tube from intake manifold vacuum port so injector rail can be removed (large channel lock pliers)
remove 2 fuel injector rail bolts (3/8" socket wrench, 10mm socket, 3/8" long extension)
unplug knock sensor
remove fuel rail/injectors from intake manifold and cover fuel injectors with trash bag
remove valve cover (3/8" socket wrench, 3/8" long extension, inner 5 with 10mm socket, outer 4 with 1/2" deep socket)
remove head bolts (1/2" breaker bar, 1/2" impact wrench, 15mm socket, 1/2" extension)

with an assistant, pull head/manifold/turbo assembly off block, being careful not to scratch bottom of head on block dowels

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a engine lift works well if your doing this solo.
Actually we found that on a hoist the head assembly always wants to drop towards the back from the weight of the turbo so the second time I layed the turbo into place first then installed the head/manifolds and attched the turbo after the head was on.
I was able to get to the turbo and the 2 bottom bolts from underneath and the 2 uppers from underhood.

You will still have to remove the head/manifolds/turbo as an assembly since you will probably not be able to break the turbo nuts loose on the car.
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