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How To: ARP Head Stud Installment
Author: moparfwdsleeper​

To learn history and see some of the methods they use to stay the leading automotive fastner company please visit: ARP Homepage
You will need to use a torque tightening sequence(image below). This sequence is to be used for each step.

  • When installing new fasteners you should also chase out the threads to remove and straighten any slightly damaged threads. A tap or a head bolts with 4 slots cut into the bolt to act as a tap. Once chased the studs can be installed.
  • Assuming you are using the supplied ARP Moly Assembly Lubricant. Coat the threads of the stud you are to install into the block. Tighten the studs into place by hand, getting them finger tight.
  • After stud installation give the block deck a good cleaning! Once the deck is cleaned install headgasket(I recommend using copper sealant on other sides of the headgasket to insure a quality seal, Cometic will need this).
  • Once the headgasket is in place slide the cylinder head down the studs. Once cylinder head is in place apply ARP Moly Lubricant to the threads and both sides of the washers(DO NOT mix factory washers with ARP washers, use one or the other).
  • Place all the head stud nuts into place(do this by hand, finger tight). Once these steps are completed you will need your torque wrench.
    Step One: Torque nuts down to 30ft/lbs
    Step Two: Torque nuts down to 45ft/lbs
    Step Three: Torque nuts down to 55ft/lbs
    Step Four: Torque nuts down to 65ft/lbs
    Step Five: Torque nuts down to 65ft/lbs
    Some member's prefer and use 70/75 sometimes 80ft/lbs. This is your call, i'd start with 5ft/lbs more then I list above if you deseire 70-80ft/lbs.
  • Once the studs have been torqued down to ARP specs, start the engine and let idel to normal operation tempatures. Once the desired tempature is reach shut off the engine and let cool(overnight is best, and recommended).
  • When engine is cooled remove the valve cover and double check torque on each stud.
    This will insure that the studs have streched into place, your torque is where it needs to be, and that the headgasket is properly sealed.

    Not always needed but after a few heat cycles i'd suggest double checking your torque to reinsure the headgasket lives a long trouble free life.
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