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I will add this, USE ONLY THE SPECIFIED LUBRICANT, I had to prove this to a contractor building a new de ionized water system for my employer, Newport News Shipbuilding. They were using soapy water on the CRES bolts and nuts. Our nuclear quality people, QID, specified Neolube, a graphite in isopropyl alcohol lubricant. Procedure says "apply a coat on all mating parts, allow to dry and apply a second coat and allow to dry, then assemble and torque to spec.

We had a device, called a Skidmore-Wihelm bolt tension indicator, a hydraulic load cell the bolt goes through and is then tightened to what load is specified. You can actually see the load fall off when you reach the yield strength. Using Neolube as specified the required torque gave the clamping force desired, using it wet, a 5/8-11 Gr5 bolt, would come apart at about 60% of the required torque, felt like a cheap hardware store bolt.

We used soap and water, Neolube wet and dry and motor oil and the results were interesting to say the least.
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