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I am teetering between a few options on a '94 duster I recently got my hands on, Turbo Swap, Junk, or Fix.

Its a TBI car and it needs a Head Gasket. I was quoted waaay more than I want to spend on the car to fix, so I am looking into other options.

I see Head Gaskets and Bolt sets on ebay for super cheap, but the years don't match up..

eBay Motors: FELPRO HEAD SET DODGE CHRYSLER 2.2 2.5 NON TURBO 89 -90 (item 310006879101 end time May-08-08 11:50:37 PDT)

I know its not the superior MLS gasket, but I am thinking if I leave this car TBI, this is a great price and would should work. I just want a run around car that gets better mileage than my Dakota.

Is there a different HG for different years? I was under the assumption they were pretty much all the same, even across the 2.2 and 2.5 platform.

Is the same for the Head Bolts? Or do I need specific year and engine size for them? There is a set up on there but it only lists the 2.2 for application.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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