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problem with my 86 turbo z, t1 auto. boost keeps spiking . this happens around 60-65 mph, 3000-3500 rpms and around 7 pounds of boost. it gets so violent that it blew the airfilter cover off the housing. the 4 retaing clips were in place prior. it also pushed a vaccum hose off the turbo. when this happens you have to let out of the gas. the car just burps a farts until you do. i did put a new waste gate actuator on last week. could this be out of adjustment.
also when slowing down the trans shifts into second and will stay there until i come to a stop or get it over 2500 rpm. adjusted the throttle lever cable still does same thing. any help at all will be greatly appreciated. thanx, justin.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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