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HELP!!! clutch cable problems...

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so a few weeks ago i was driving my 86 dodge shebly charger around and as i pulled into a lot and parked there was a loud snap and my pedal dropped to the floor and there were little shards of cable sitting in the foot well... so i towed my car home and got around to replacing the clutch cable today... well apparently the retainer that keeps the end of the cable attached to the lever on the transmission decided to jump ship and is probably laying in that parking lot somewhere. so i have a new cable but without that retainer the cable will just slide and do nothing. my question is... does anyone know where i can get one or what it even looks like? im sure i can find one at a junkyard somewhere but the odds of finding one around here is next to nothing... a picture would even help so i could perhaps find a universal one at a parts store or something. any help at all would be greatly appreciated...
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You need the grommet and retainer.
The grommet has a part #, 5206244
The retainer does not and I do not have that #.

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