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help fuel leak

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I just got done taking my glhs for a spin tonight after putting the new engnie in. however, when i pulled over i could smell gas, so I grabbed the flashlight and looked around. there was gas coming out around where the number four injector plugs into the intake manifold. i figured i had a bad oring on the end of the injector. however, when i turned the car off, the gas continued to leak out and i could hear the hiss of pressure escaping for a few minutes and i could see the fuel spitting out from the area, which leads me to believe that it is not the oring. i do not see gas leaking anywhere else, such as where the injector meets the rail. anyone else experience something like this or have any ideas of things for me to look at?
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i figure its gotta be the o rings, that should be fun replacing with the two piece on there. so the injectors just pull straight out of the rail, correct? im sure they wont wanna come out, i just dont wanna break any or my rail.
Yes, the rail pulls off from the injectors. The only thing that is holding the injectors in, is the o-rings and the tension on them. Of course, the rail clamps them in, but that's it.

O-rings from your dealer may be expensive. You might be better to order them through one of the vendors here on TD.
cool thanks, i know i tried to pull the injectors off my spare engine and they were really stuck. that engine was already out of the car. should be interesting to get them apart with everything still in the car.
Look around your area for a fuel injection servicing house. There's a place near me that rebuilds injectors for $20CDN each. Includes complete disassembly of the injector, cleaning, new o-rings and flow testing w/ report.
The injectors have a top and bottom O-ring. If the bottom O-ring leaks, it should only reveal itself with the car running. If the top O-ring leaks, it will leak until the pressure has been relieved from the fuel system.
well, i put new injectors in and new orings and the problem is solved. thanks guys. too bad i only got 3 miles down the road till my hep went out on me :bash:
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