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Yesterday night my 2.5 shadow turbo started burning oil through the exhaust a little, i was on my way home and i opened it up on the highway and a cloud of smoke started following me. now the car burns oil through the exhaust constantly very badly and oil is leaking from behind the engine,

could this be a cracked turbo or a leaking turbo seal? also theres a lot of smoke coming out of the dipstick tube and from behind the engine when you blip the gas.

id hate to have to replace the whole motor and i have to drive it to work 2morrow!! please help!

Thanks, Terry

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You will have to jack the car up and climb under to take a look.
If there is smoke from the tailpipe it does not sound good.
If it is an external leak dripping on the exhaust you will have to clean it up and crawl under to locate it.
I just recently had the head off and after reassembly I was smelling oil burning and was going thru 1 qt every two weeks, thought it was the rubber hose on the drainback tube, turned out to be the O'Ring where the drainback tube housing bolts to the turbo housing.
Also check the feed line from the engine(by the sending unit) to the turbo.
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