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hey guys i just got my car running its blowing code 21 or 12 i think its feels like its missing all vacumm lines are hooked up i think my map is bad if i step fully on the gas at idle it will not go into boost it cuts out it feels like i dont know wut to set my fuel pressure at eaither im probably need new plugs as well that doesnt help their 7b year old plugs but the car ran fine the other day its a t2 conversion stage 2 glhs computer my email is [email protected] any help would be greatr

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Need more info....
2)Stock or Modded car?
3)Why was the Car Not Running Before?
4)How long was the car sitting?
5)Does it still have old fuel in it?
6)Any Smoke?
7)If so, what color?
8)Are the Plugs Fouled?
9)If so what type of fouling?
10)What is Engine Vacuum @ Idle?
11)What is fuel pressure set at right now?
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