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sorry to post another thread that everyone hates but i really need help. i own a srt-4 and recently purchased an 88' shadow es as a daily driver that is lightly modded thinking they would be set up slightly similar to the srt(well i was wrong). the problem is that it cuts out at full boost. i asume because of the map sensor or the computer. the car is currently on 15 psi. current mods are

turbo xs manual boost controller
vacuum box
frontmount intercooler
intercooler piping
few other small things and everything else is stock

now the question i have is, are these cars even safe to run on 15psi stock and if so what the cheap/safe way to make the car run well at 15psi. also being a daily driver its not driven very hard.

thank you

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The factory computer is designed to shut down at 14.7 psi (1 bar). In order to go any higher, you need to trick the computer into thinking that it's only running at 14 psi. First, you should get an A/F ratio gauge, so you know you aren't leaning it out. If you have the fuel available to increase the boost, you can learn how to trick the computer here:

Gus Mahon Homepage

Gus, unfortunately, passed away in 2002. His page is still up and running, though.
You can learn quite a bit about these cars at his page and the following pages:



www(dot)fwdperformance(dot)com sells custom calibrations that don't cut out at 14.7 psi

Welcome to the world of 2.2/2.5 L Turbo Dodges! :thumb:

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that boost controller is going to blow your engine, back it down to 14psi, the injectors cant put out 15psi with the stock fpr. you should grab a set of bigger injectors and a cal from fwd performance. your good on the ic, get a 2.5" down pipe from a 89+ car or buy a 3" and get the same size for the rest of the exhaust and you'll be good for higher boost and the cal or go 3 bar map and cal with the 3".

just be careful that 88 has cast internals.
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