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We recently converted my sons GLHS to an A555 trans. This is the best upgrade we have made to the car. My favorite part of the upgrade is the shifter.
We kept the stock shifter and installed the heim joint ends and used the omni potent shift brackets.
The shifter now feels like a high dollar race shifter. I have flat shifted the car many times and haven't missed one gear. It must be almost impossible to hit 5th when shifting into 3rd wich is a common problem with many 5 spd shifters.
We used the purple plate and the 6 puck ceramic clutch from turbos unleashed. The clutch is very streetable but has a lot of grip.
Stay away from the ARP flywheel bolts that some vendors are selling they will hit the clutch disc.
We also went with un-equal length heavy duty axles from forward motion and the car pulls straighter than before the tranny swap.
One other tip. If you swap the trans with the motor in the car use an engine hoist. The tranny slide right in.
I hope this helps someone with there conversion because I know there are many options to consider.
One thing I would like to add is the solid dog bone that comes with the rod linkage brackets will put a lot more vibration in your car like a solid engine mount but I think it is needed if you are going to use the car hard to keep the engine and tranny in place.
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