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Here's a few pics of csx #226 56k warning

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just thought i'd share. got it dropped off yesterday.

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good score! how much if u don't mind? from where?
i know it came from cali as heard in a previous thread. not bad, still has the shelby floormats and that driver side recaro is still in better shape than most, looks like a pretty unmolested car.
whats up with the extra gold striping on the bottom? couldnt have looked good on it when it was new either, lol.
:nodding: very nice, when are you planning on painting those rims gold?
good price due to a blown turbo. have a brand new vnt that should be going in today. hopefully
haha once its running right. might find some pumpers and paint them gold as well.

:nodding: very nice, when are you planning on painting those rims gold?
i like those rims..
It never occured to me before just how many times shelby is written on these cars until i saw the door panels
Lmao very nice car. Still kinda sad my dad let our csx vnt go even as rough as it was.... I woulda put it back together if I had the time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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