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I have a 92 Sundance America. 2.2 tbi 5 speed.
The car idles fast at startup (aprox 2000rpm, notach) then slows down to normal. when driving if you a coming to a stop and depress clutch the engine
goes up to 2000 and stays there till you stop and then it slows down. Tried it on a long hill and it stayed high for a minute and even just creeped up to a stop but rpm would not go down un car came to a complete stop.
Tried a junkyard speed distance sensor, the a new one and it didnt change a thing.

ANy ideaS??

Thanks in advance


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Start with the basics, be sure the throttle plate, AIS pintle and bore in the TB are clean of carbon.
Check base idle and reset AIS.
The procedure is listed in a sticky in the help section under help with poor idle.
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