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High mileage '90 Shelby Daytona for sale

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1990 Dodge Shelby Daytona VNT for sale. 135,XXX miles. Original 2.2 Turbo IV and A-568 in great condition for the miles. VNT spools like it should, makes 12 psi in every gear, and the engine runs strong. Tranny shifts smooth, no issues. Car was repainted before I bought it about 3 years ago. It has no decals, and there is some over spray here and there. Paint does look good though. The body is decent shape. There is underbody rust, mainly on the floor pan. It's been a WI car all it's life, but since I purchased it, I stored it indoors for the winters none the less. I might have put on 3,000 total miles, in which time the car ran great. I didn't even drive it last year. Bought it with the intent to fix it up, but now I have to many cars and not enough funds or time for all of them, so I'm putting it up for sale.

There are a few minor issues to be taken care of - Could use some new brake calipars as the fronts are starting to stick and drag. Fine for a short test drive, but I'd suggest hauling it on a trailer for longer distances. The factory stereo works when it feels like it and then driver's side power window doesn't. A couple tires loose air when the car sits for a week. Finally the battery is old and doesn't take a charge. Alternator is just fine and the car runs fine once started up.

Interior is clean, but the driver's seat has the normal bolster wear on the leather. Exterior is clean too, except for the underbody rust.

It would make a good beater car, or project car with some fixxing or a good source of parts for those looking for a solid common block motor and A-568.

Asking $1,800 OBO. Located in central Wisconsin.

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Man all the good deals are way down south!
I honestly don't believe that high mileage begins until 200k...Your VNT probably still has the hone pattern visable in the cylinders!
How about $1500 for a new, lower price.
That thing is awesome, Love the 90 Plus daytonas, too bad its too far away! bump for a screamin deal
damn you lol, i just need to sell my vic. My wife would drive that
Am I missing something or is this a damn fine car? Beater? Heck, some spit and polish and I see a show car there. If you have any more pictures, please send to [email protected] I'm selling a ton of stuff including a Jeep, and I may have the $$ for this eventually.
Are you only interested in Cash would u mind a trade for a cafe cb750???
I want this car !
Thats just in my price range. I would liketo come out and take a look at it one of these days. Could you send more pics to [email protected]. Could you get pics of the rust on the underside and the interior?

Sorry for not replying! I haven't been recieving any email notifications of the replys here within the thread.

To answer some of the questions, I'm not really looking for any trades. The car looks just like the pictures show, but it is not a perfect car. As I mentioned it needs some work to make a good daily driver. Front calipars and a new battery at the least. I haven't been driving this car for about a year now, and it just sits indoors in storage. I just bought another car and I don't have the time or money anymore to fix this one up. I would just like to see it go to a good home.

The rust on the underbody isn't terrible, but it's still there. It's all in the floorboards. There are a couple fairly weak spots where the metal is fragile near the front, hence I'm not expecting to get a lot of money for the car. I will have to try and get some more pictures for everbody.

The car's exterior looks really good, but when you get close you see some minor over spray. The body is nice and straight, less one little ding in the door. The interior is clean, but like I mentioned the seat definitely has a fair amount of wear on the side bolster (driver's side) from getting in and out - typical for a high mileage car. I definitely wouldn't call it a show car, and to turn it into one would require a fair amount of work, not to mention the car has 135XXX miles now. My thought is that to invest the time and money into this car to make it a show car wouldn't make that much sense as you could probably find a perfect G-body car with no rust at all for $3K or so. This would make a good everyday driver / beater however, once the little things are all taken care of.

As I said, I'll try working on getting some pictures, especially of the underbody and interior. Thanks for the interest guys. Buy it outright and just make me a reasonable offer. Like I said, it's far from a show car and it need some work, but I just have to many vehicles and this is the one I picked to sell 1st.
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Update, sent the underbody and interior pics to those that gave me their email and asked for them.... Except for you Chad. Just PM me your email addy and they'll be there. Again, asking price $1500 or the best offer. I'd like to see the car gone sometime soon.
Finally someone close with a daytona I can afford and get to without to much travel. I live in Eau Claire let me know how to take this car off your hands.
$1200 or best offer, a trailer, and she can be yours. I PM'ed you and will send pics of the rust and interior if you like. Just let me know your email address sometime before 8:30pm tonight and the pics will go out tonight yet. I have one other interested guy that sounded like he was planning on coming this weekend, but if you wanted to come look sometime in the evenings at the car before then, let me know.

IM me if you can? Domino81

Or, PM me. I'd like to talk to you about the car. I wanna drive it home... like, now.
Sorry Domino, the car has been sold. I didn't update this thread, figuring most wouldn't search past the three pages it had dropped back too.

My thanks to all who showed interest.
I feel like weeping like a little girl. :(
I already have :(
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