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I cannot seem to find answers elsewhere, so perhaps some of you in this group may be able to help.
I have an 84 Reliant with the 2.2 engine and the 6520 solenoid feedback system. The car is not a daily driver and is in various stages of structural restoration. I start and run the car to keep it in shape. But recently,, the car has been unable to start. I have fuel and spark. Had a diesel mechanic friend clean out the fuel bowl and still no start! Car cranks but will not run.
I have had nothing but trouble with this model Holley carb. Now want to go with the 5220 Holley.

I should mention that this is the second carburetor that has been replaced. Was told that carbon from the canister gets into the fuel bowl, so put a filter on the canister line. Then it happened again!

Hopefully, I can get some great advice here to solve the problem, once and for all. Thanks in advance!.
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