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Holset question

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I have a hx35 that I'm going to put on my spirit. I was wanting to know if you guys just run the internal wastegate that comes on the hx35 or do you guys run a external setup.
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I'm running the Bullseye housing with the internal gate on mine. I hear that you need a 1/2" spacer if you use the stock hx35 exhaust housing.
I'm having some issues on my 8v with boost creep with a he341 so I would suggest porting the waste gate port just a bit help with that. Just a suggestion that's all.
How much boost are you guys pushing on the internal wastgate?
I'm running the HE351, and installed in "stock", take off form I couldn't run less than 29psi. Pulled off the hot side of the turbo, and ran a 1" carbide bit through the wastegate passage, and now it'll run all the way down to 12psi. I believe the initial diameter of the wastegate passage is 3/4 or 7/8.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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