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how do i tell what cam i have?

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its an enforcer 1 new cylinder head from forward motion. is there any marking to look at?
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Is it a factory cam, or some aftermarket one? I can't imagine any regrind that wouldn't have markings on it to identify the grind.

If it's a factory cam, just remember which car you got it out of, 'cuz there's no markings to identify them. :-( I hear tell about a machine called a 'cam doctor' or 'cam dyno' which can tell you all the specs about your cam. Then you could cross-reference it with the known specs in tables on thedodgegarage.com.
its a brand new enforcer 1 head from forward motion. its not out of any car. its new. the cam came with the head and it doesnt say what cam it is.
oh. I didn't realize that their Enforcer heads came with cams. :) In that case, I'd advise you to call 'em and ask which cam they gave you. I'll bet that it's their mildest regrind.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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