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I recent did a 5 speed swap into my V6 1993 Shadow ES. One thing that had to be modified was running 3 wires to drive the speedometer / odometer.

During the couple weeks it was unhooked with the new drivetrain in, I estimate I drove 1700 miles.

I CAN'T have the odometer be off like this, it will drive me crazy. Think Rain Man here.

I pulled the speedometer out to crank it forward, but this electronic unit has the odometer numbers buried deep inside. At best, I'd have to unsolder about 6 connections and practically tear the thing apart to get at it. Just pulling the speedometer indicator pointer off alone is bound to destroy something.

When I tested the 3 wires, I spun the speedo sensor unit with a cordless drill, but to do that for 1700 miles? It'd take a day or 2! And I'd have to leave the key turned on for that time. Not practical.

I looked at the main circuit board in the instrument panel, and it all comes down to 3 pins that drive the speedometer / odometer assembly.

So I wonder if I could just put a voltage to the speedometer on 2 of those 3 pins and run it up the extra 1700 miles like that.

Or the 6 pins that run to the little motor looking thing on the odometer shaft. Maybe 12 volts there will crank it up?

Anyone got schematics on the speedometer assembly?
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