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I know a lot of us TD'ers run into a wall when it comes time to pull the crank from our engines. I did, especially the CB motors. For those of us that are cheap, don't have our own shop/weld machine, here is my solution. I hope this helps! If it is useful - someone please make it a "sticky". GO MOPAR

What you need:

1. hayden flex fan space prt# 3960 =$10.00
2. 3/8-16 X 5 bolt (1) = free/1.00 from parts store
3. 8mm X 1.25 X 2 bolts (3) or TBI intake bolts = free/you know...
4. 3/8-16 nut = free/ you know
5. JB weld = $3.50

1. take the hayden spacer and punch out the center piece (thats pressed in) using the bolt that came with it and a hammer. pictures 1-3

2. take the 3/8-16 nut and hammer it in the remaining hole. its a perfect tight fit! picture 4

3. make a template of your pulley holes using cardboard or something as a guide. the hayden spacer comes with 4 bolts and 4 washer, use he washers on your 8 X 1.25 bolts and throw away the bolts that came with the spacer.
picture 5

4. as added insurance i JB weld both side of the bolt into the spacer. it is a tight fit, but the JB weld makes it stronger. picture 6

5. you will only be able to use 3 bolts in your crank but that should be plenty. keep the original crank bolt in it's place, maybe a 1/4 of the way out and crank down on it with your new tool.

6. It should look like this when your done. picture 7


p.s. I also added a piece of thin steel to mine, underneath so it would distribute the pressure evenly. just used my template and drilled all six holes in it. the piece of metal i added is where the cardboard is in the last picture


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