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please, tell every one, your steps, to launch your fwd car with the a413 tranny, something like, press brake, acelerate to 3000 rpm.........bla bla, using two stage,
i want to know the best way to launch my car, atx a413 stock converter tranny mods,


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this is impossible .. there are so many variables - the main one being traction and gearing, also engine state of tune and power output; and it will vary from car to car and from model to model..

but for me in my omni (TII with street tires); I brake torque to about 0 psi, then at launch, release brake and 'squeeze' throttle

more than 0 psi and tires will roast; if you get on the throttle too fast, tires will roast..

if you're tires are spinning, you are giving it too much gas.. there should be just a little squeal maybe but not much more..

finding that optimal 'squeeze' technique will be tough but is the best launch (for me)
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