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I did this on a 89 + common block with the 5 bolt pattern. I'm sure you can apply this to every turbo dodge engine.

Here are the stuff you need.
5 intake bolts, or any M8x1.5 bolts that is same length, or slightly longer.
1 washer, smaller enough that can fit between those 5 bolts, but big enough to cover the hole.
1 big nut that is used as a spacer/thick washer that can take the force. If you use thin washer, you will bend it.
1 long bolt that is small enough to go inside the crank without touching the threads
1 slightly longer long bolt that is small enough to go inside the crank without touching the threads, you'll need it when the sprocket is pulled out enough to take all the free space away from the long bolt
1 pair of matching bolt and nut that can be use as a puller. I just use the stock crank bolt M12x1.75 because I was going to replace that bolt with a all stud and nut anyways. Finer thread bolt will give you more leverage to pull the timing sprocket. This bolt and nut will most likely be damage in the process, lube them both.
1 of something that will stop the nut from spinning, I used a 6 inch 3/8 extension.
1 stock pulley

Line everything up.

From Right to Left, stock pulley, washer, big nut, matching nut, small bolt, and the matching bolt goes thru the matching nut/big nut/washer/pulley as shown.

Notice I used the extension to keep the matching nut from spinning, I used an impact on it to get it started and used ratchet for the rest.

I replaced the stock sprocket bolt with a 100mm M12x1.75 all stud and matching nut that you can get from your local Ace hardware. It makes reinstall the sprocket easy and you will not risk damaging the threads on the crank.

Ace hardware will also have all the metric washer/bolt/nut/all stud you need.
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