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I am a new owner of a turbo dodge

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hello dodge family,

i am a new owner of a turbo dodge vehicle. This particular vehicle is a special one though. It is a 1989 Dodge Caravan with the 2.5L factory turbocharged engine. It's quicker than I ever imagined.

I made a post on the regular dodge forum explaining how I acquired it. Long story short, i'm a young guy in my 20s and I always wanted to own one of these rare beasts when I learned they were even a thing. Anyway, a facebook posting came up of a local hot-rod guy having a "1989 dodge caravan" for sale with only 84,000 km (50,000mi). After a stroke of luck a two tire kickers, I went and saw the thing and immediately put down a deposit.

Took her home and the family loves it. my dad's a hard ass but he actually might let me keep it in the driveway. Woohoo. I've reached out to a few of the youtube "reviewer" guys like Doug and a few others and seems like no one is interested in doing a cool video on these forgotten vans. too bad. I am currently cleaning up the van and my brother is going to possibly do a light cut and buff. Light scratches everywhere but the clear coat seems thick

Here are some pictures i hope you enjoy them. I am looking for the factory floor mats and have called a dozen junk yards with not a single hit. If you have them I would like to buy them thank you


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Low mileage, very good condition. These are very rare to find in this condition. Enjoy it!
If you don't mind never looking cool while doing it, it's right!
I worked at a Dodge dealership when these were new. A coworker had one and put in a Mopar Performance super 60 set up in it. He would go out and humiliate Mustangs and Camaros with it!
That's a great score! I have owned several Dodge Turbo cars over the years, but never a Dodge Turbo Caravan. They are rare,
I spoke to a guy at a gas station who was driving one. He told me he had 200k on the odometer and had not done any major repairs since it was new. He was using it for a family car and had the wife and kids with him.The van is not only quick, but pretty reliable too! And '89 was a good year for the engine, :common block" and all that. Good Luck enjoying this classic.
Sweet ride!
Brings back memories of our old minivan...
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