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hello dodge family,

i am a new owner of a turbo dodge vehicle. This particular vehicle is a special one though. It is a 1989 Dodge Caravan with the 2.5L factory turbocharged engine. It's quicker than I ever imagined.

I made a post on the regular dodge forum explaining how I acquired it. Long story short, i'm a young guy in my 20s and I always wanted to own one of these rare beasts when I learned they were even a thing. Anyway, a facebook posting came up of a local hot-rod guy having a "1989 dodge caravan" for sale with only 84,000 km (50,000mi). After a stroke of luck a two tire kickers, I went and saw the thing and immediately put down a deposit.

Took her home and the family loves it. my dad's a hard ass but he actually might let me keep it in the driveway. Woohoo. I've reached out to a few of the youtube "reviewer" guys like Doug and a few others and seems like no one is interested in doing a cool video on these forgotten vans. too bad. I am currently cleaning up the van and my brother is going to possibly do a light cut and buff. Light scratches everywhere but the clear coat seems thick

Here are some pictures i hope you enjoy them. I am looking for the factory floor mats and have called a dozen junk yards with not a single hit. If you have them I would like to buy them thank you


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