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I need a HEAD!!!

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I am in need of a decent ,preferably freshly remaned or tweaked head for my mini. PM or post with your offerings, Cash burning hole in paypal account! Shipping quote needed as well to 44024
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My friend bought a head from these guys, they even back cut the valves for him. The price seems very good.

Nope on the girlfreind angle she refuses to buy me car parts or tools,
I have a G-Head here. Flows 10% better than stock head. Painted up beautiful. I have put a '90 roller cam, rockers, and newer lifters in as well. Looks great!!! Let me know if interested.
Hmmm how much shipped to 44024?
Thats just it, shipping would probably be a killer. Weighs quite abit. Do you have any friends in Detroit that would be able to ship it. Would be much, much cheaper. I could deliver across the border if needed. If yes, make me an offer.
ReliantK said:
girlfriend maybe?


I have a swirl head I took off my van. It has been ported and the valves back cut. Looking to get about 200 for it but make me an offer. I don't want it sitting around anymore. I figured shipping would be around 30 give or take using FedEx shipping calculators.
Got an 89 ES T1 head, stock, ran good when removed. $100 U.S. (I'm on my way to FL. from Detroit soon, can meet you somewhere.
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