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I shaftbearings installed backwards

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The machine shop guy put the lines facing the outside of the motor instead of the inside. Will this be ok? Or will I need to reinstall? If I need to reinstall can I punch this bearing out? Turn it around and install it again? Or will I need to replace it?
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But the question still remains, if the bearing is ok to run as is.
I have never replaced them but if you are referring to the front and rear bushings the FSM does not mention anything about direction.
It only mentions removal and install using the proper Miller tools.
as long as the oiling holes line up correctly you should be fine
the oil hole lines up perfect.....this bearing has a line coming out of the hole im guessing it guides the oil back into the block,,,he has this line facing the front of the engine...if you guys think its ok ill run it like that...it for the tiii engine which is known for i shaft failure so i second guessed it
Sounds like thaty oil line in the bearing is to direct oil back to the I-shaft/oil pump gear, to lubricate it.

Might be a wise choice to swap it....thats what it would seem to me what that is for.
Originally I did not realize this was a T-3.
According to Mitchell all it says is be sure the bushing is even with the block and that the oil hole in the bushing aligns with the oil hole in the block.
There is no mention of bushing direction.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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