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Idle Speed = 2500rpms... help!

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Hey all,

Just got my carbed Omni to 2.5 TI status, using super 60 electronics with a 2.5 Turbo I SMEC. Idle speed is around 2500 rpms. I checked vaccum, everything is tight, I've got a clean line to the MAP sensor (nothing teed on) so everything seems good there.

Timing might be off a tad, however I do not believe this would cause my idle to jump up to 2500 rpms...

I do not have a CEL cause I started off with an 84 Carbed Omni without CEL in the dashboard, so I have no idea if its throwing codes at me. (BTW does the CEL signal send 12V or does it send a ground?! Just so I can hook one up temporarily..)

What could cause this idle problem?! Is AIS ajustable or could it be my AIS that is just simply screwed?!

I would doubt my AIS to be bad as I have used this setup in my old minivan with 2.5 Turbo I wiring and it worked fine. Could the 2.5 SMEC with Super 60 Wiring be the cause of my problems? (I'd doubt it, but hey... nothing is impossible with these cars!!)

Any feedback would greatly be appreciated!

Thanks to all, looking forward to getting this thing on the road and on the track!

Take care!
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