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Ignition timing question

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I just aquired a 92 Shadow turbo ES.
I was going to set the timing but it doesn't have a coolant temp sensor.
All there thats there is a brass hex plug.
It looks like there is a plug for it(blue white/blue orang wire).
The strange thing is the fan still works and the car seems to run pretty decent.
Even with that plug unpluged I cannot get a steady reading on the timing,jumps between 8&12 degrees.
Has the 92 got the temp sensor located located in a different place.
Hope someone can help.
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How did you get a 92 with a turbo? Was it swapped in?? The only 92 Turbo Dodes were Spirit and Daytona R/T's, and the TC "by Maserati"...of course:rolleyes:
According to the vin number this is a 92 Shadow ES with a 2.5 turbo,manufactured in Sterling Heights MI.
It has a turbo emblem on a bulge hood with factory boost guage.
The title says 92 and the door sticker says manufactured on 10\91.
I did a little more searching and found that the brass plug on top of the thermostat housing was common on a lot of heads.That is the only thing on the housing,no sensor.
Hope someone can help me on this.

On the head by the thermostat housing (there is a plug on top) and on the side there is the temp sensor as well as the coolant line for the turbo. There must be a temp sensor on there somewhere.
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