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IN shock over shocks and struts

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I want to replace the shocks and struts on my 86 Omni GLH so I called DodgeParts.com recently. I can't afford Konis and Bilstein and I want to keep the car as close to what it originally was as possible. They had three different types of struts and shocks listed for the L body. I asked someome at Dodgeparts.com about the differences in the struts and shocks on the online catalog. The parts/customer service guy couldn't help; he just said that the parts were "Dodge" parts just like the dealer.

They had HEAVY DUTY, EXTRA HEAVY DUTY AND PERFORMANCE shocks and struts. I'm assuming the "Performance" ones are Mopar Performance...would this be correct?
What is the difference in these? What would a carbed Omni GLH originally have had in it? HD, Ex HD or Performance shocks and struts?

What kind of ride would I get from each of these?


Mike D'Antonio
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