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Infiniti speaker system

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Im currently parting out a lebaron that has the infiniti speaker system, and i i yanked the speakers, seen they were in infiniti's and got excited but they have 4 wires going into them. what gives? is there anyways to hook these up in my poor little shadow?

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If you search around you can find out how to wire them in. Two of the wires are for the signal wire from the radio. The other two are for the amp that is attached to each speaker.

I just some info on the wire I think I hope it helps.
thats what i was thinking they were... so know i have to run a power wire, that sucks. i wonder if i could leach off of the power locks...

o yay those are fun they have 4 wires because if they are 6x9s they have a built in xover pretty much just to get right signal and stuff to the tweeter and midbass let me know what color wires they have there should be a green i think black and 2 others i cant member back that far
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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