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I have never installed a universal inline electric pump so I cannot offer any "real life" experience, however...

Folks will want to know your reason for wanting to replace the mechanical pump with an electric pump.
If it is due to an actual drivability issue...

Chrysler issued a TSB back in 85 for the Carbureted Omni's due to "long crank times after heat soak".
The issue was that the fuel in the bowl would evaporate from engine heat/heat soak after shutdown so when you went back to restart, the car would not start until the fuel bowl was filled again.
Chrysler never actually found a cure but did correct the problem by eliminating the mechanical pump and installing inline electric fuel pumps. the electric pump would turn on with key on and fill the bowl instantly which solved the long crank time issue.
The TSB # as far as I know is 14-03-85, I cannot find it online, too old, your local dealer may be able to provide you with a copy if it is still in Chryslers system or if a member has the 1985 Chrysler TSB manual.

As far as installing an inline electric pump...
Carburetors use pumps that create 3-5 PSI, your fuel lines are probably 5/16", (I would suggest replacing all rubber lines when you do the install.) and they are only two wires, switched ignition power (power only with "key on") and ground, you may want to consider running the power through a relay which eliminates high amperage on a single circuit.
The pump would mount to the frame rail.
I would recommend using a Universal pump made by a quality manufacturer, not Chinese stuff from Amazon or eBay.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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