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Install of oil feed line

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I've done it before, no problems. But that was with the head off. Is it possible to install a SS feed line without removing the turbo/head/manifold assembly? I can't afford the downtime, and want to upgrade everything when I do eventually pull it all.
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I did it on a Spirit R/T (T3) with the intake manifold off and the intake set up removed, so I don't really see why you couldn't do it on a T1 or T2 as long as you can get to the fitting on the turbo.

Anyone else have input? The Two-piece intake's bolts are snapped, so I can't take it off in two pieces. (if that were to make any difference at all)
My guess would be that once the WG can was outta there you'd be all set.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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