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Installing weber carb on 2.2 rampage manual

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So my old holley was shot, and I broke down and ordered a weber. I was seeing on multiple forums people went with the 32/36 dfev, and were having no problems.
Well I’m having problems. How the heck does the throttle hook to this thing? Everyone says “hey this is a good swap” but no one mentions any of the modifications they had to do for that swap after. I can’t seem to find pictures of these swaps either, so I can’t even guess based off those.
If you’ve swapped your holley for a weber and made it work, how did you do it? What did you have to do to make it work? Please don’t hold back, I’m a visual person - no answer is too detailed and there can’t be too many pictures.
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Here's a link about the Weber: Info wanted on rejetting weber for 2.2. | Turbo Dodge Forums

You can also do a search here with "Weber linkage" or "Weber carb"

Good luck!
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