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You have to decide whether your going to change the intake manifold or not.

If not, Todd posted pics above and as he mentioned its the hard way to go.

If changing the intake to the later blow through design its easier.

Look up any picture of a T-II Daytona to get an idea of how it goes.

Secondly, you have to decide if you want a stock IC or not.

T-II rad and intercooler setups come up for sale on here.

If you want a FMIC (Front Mount Inter Cooler) their are endless options.

Many remove their front rubber bumper cover to mount the FMIC under there.

I've intercooled a 1985 without clocking the Turbo so it can be done with elbows.

It can be done without any electronic modifications if one is so inclined.

This is with using a blow through intake manifold, not your draw through.

Blow through intake manifolds are readily available from 1988 and newer T-I or T-II Engines.

Those are called 1 piece intakes, there are some better 2 piece from 1986-87 Intercooled Engines.

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