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I have a 85 Shelby Charger, Red and Silver. I want to replace the headliner and sun visor covers which are gray from the factory. Does anyone know of a website that sells replacement headliners and sun visor covers or would the factory still sells OEM replacements?

A second question that I have is that I would like to decode my VIN plate. I would like to see what all the codes mean. Can someone here at Turbododge.com do that or is there a website I could try??

Thanks for your time

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Fabric stores sell the headliner material in bulk. If they don't have the right color, they can order something close. There's lots of info in this site to tell you how to replace it yourself. :)

If you don't want to do it yourself, just look in the phone book for an interior or upholstery shop. They can do the headliner no sweat. :cool:

The visors are a little trickier. I assume you're talking about the ones that match the headliner with the stupid little light in them. I've seen shops recover those and some do it well and some do it crappy. Unless you can see an example of the work the shop does, it'll be a crapshoot. :(

I used the non-Shelby vinyl visors cause my fabric was completely gone and I didn't trust a shop (or myself) to do a good job. I'd rather have good-looking vinyl ones than poorly-done fabric ones. :thumb:
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