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Hey everyone,
John here. I’ve been a member for years, lurking and reading all the while searching for a low mileage/original white Spirit RT. My first car was a 7 year old '89 ES v6 when I was a junior in high school. White, looked just like an RT minus the red stripes/ decals and of course the Tiii. Got rid of it in college, but I’ve never forgot it. I started the search for an RT years ago. But finding an unmolested car in decent shape with low miles is a pretty daunting task. Cut to last year right before the pandemic I finally found a one owner Spirit RT for sale. It was half way across the country and I bought it site unseen. I’ve spend the last year and a half scouring for parts and getting her as close to show room condition as possible. Just got her show ready (there will always be things to do) and took first place at a show here in SoCal. I love all the comments I got directly, or just overheard. Huh, is that a K car? A Spirit, what is that doing here? I have not seen a Spirit in 20 years, etc. Telling people they were looking at the fastest 4 door sedan sold in 1991 always got funny reactions.
Anyway, here is the car and I just wanted to thank everyone who has posted on the forums over the years. The search feature has been my best friend in answering a lot of questions. Most questions have already been answered here 10 times over! Thanks again, and hope to see you guys in some threads.


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