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Is this normal?

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I thought I finally got all qwerks worked out of the car and she is running great but noticed something and want to see if it is normal or not

first of all cars boost is controlled with a grainger and I have been driving the car around hitting 15 psi boost all is well and plenty of power likes to spin the tires alot....But today when i was driving in the rain sometimes it was only boosting to 13 psi and no higher at wot and just feeling a little down on power....but at wot another time then would would go to 15 psi as it had before and I would do another wot pass and back to only 13 psi and no higher. I would think if its set at 15 psi and reaches that multiple times it should boost to 15 psi everytime

I am just trying to see if this is normal behavior or I should be concerned about something just being over cautious is all probably and I keep trying to tell my self its nothing but I just want to make suire
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Normal. Manual boost controller is sensitive to different atmospheric pressure.
sucking water? Dist getting wet? Could be a few things. If the engine loses power it'll lower the boost with a problem. Getting a filter wet restricts the compressor real bad lowering boost. A wet dist and a miss fire can do it too. Pretty rare though, normally they spike or over boost.
thank you gentleman....and it does have filter mounted really low next to compressor so that can be a possibility of some moisture but I did not drive through any huge puddles or anything....I guess I will drive it today when it is dry out see what happens but as long as it is nothing to worry about I am okay with that.

I was just worried I was hurting the motor or something and as long as its not that was my main concern
just took it for a spin and its only boosting to 13 psi and just does not feel the same as it did when motor swap was done few days ago....

filter does look filthy though and i could not find any vacuum leaks and it looks like grainger valve is turned in all the way but i don't know how to tell

which part do i turn to adjust the boost on grainger valve its the one from fwdperformance i thought it is knurled knob but i cant get it to budge either way the only part that moved was the 90 degree barb on the one end
Maybee you have a pressure leak on intercooler hose or someplace?
I seem to have to adjust my graingers every change of season, definitely related to air density/pressure. AND, over time the spring in grainger can weaken from cycling. It will eventually settle in, but while it's still new you will probably have to tweak it every so often.
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