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Guys, can have a broken flexplate and the car still run and drive fine, and be able to beat on the car without anything happening?

Im saying this because I took the car out and did a few WOT runs. It seemed to be fine. It started doing the loud clattery thing and when I got into it hard it went away.

It also seems that it does it more constantly in cold weather. Like in the winter when I started the car up it would be pretty much constant. Now that its warmed back up out, not so much.

I need to get this car fixed up because my dad is pretty much bent on scrapping it, and my gf's brother needs a decent car. It just needs some fixing up, but either way its gonna have to go at some point.

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When I bought my GTC they said it had a rod knock but after the test drive it was gone. It chattered on and off for a month or two. Then one WOT at stock boost and the flex plate let go. Vrrmmmm and car would not move.

That sounds like mine did and how it sounds now. The flex plate is hiting one of the shields and making the same kind of noise. I can push on the shield near the water neck and get it to stop.
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